February 8

The Amazing Benefits of All-In-One Office Printer


Considering that the average American worker prints about 10,000 pages per year, it makes sense to get a quick and effective all-in-one office printer. This is also the case for those who print a lot at home because a good copier printer scanner will increase your efficiency while reducing your costs.

Here, we're going to talk about the benefits of all-in-one printers for both commercial employees and at-home users. Read on to learn why you should invest in one of these awesome machines.

Your Green Initiative Will Skyrocket

As you can imagine, printing 10,000 pages each year has a painful impact on the environment. That's a lot of trees that needed to be cut down so that you could print your files, after all! Luckily, an all-in-one copier/printer will offset some of the environmental ramifications of your printing.

If you were to get three distinct machines- a printer, a scanner, and a copier- as well as cords that allowed you to plug computers and Smartphones into them, you would waste a lot of electricity. Combined with the fact that these machines are often 'on' even when not being used, you would waste a lot of nonrenewable resources.

A copier/printer/scanner hybrid cuts the resources that you use in half. This ensures that your business is eco-friendly. It also saves money on electric bills.

They Can Connect to Your Network

Having to email files to yourself so that you can use a single computer that's connected manually to a printer is annoying at best. That's why all-in-one printers connect to the network and allow you to print files from any other location connected to the same WiFi. You can also access faxes and emails from most home and office printers and have them immediately printed.

Even more important is that all-in-one printers can often connect to Smartphones. Since the average American checks and uses their mobile device about 96 times per day, this is one of the most common methods that someone wants to use to print documents.

Most of the best office printers can connect to mobile devices over a shared network so that users can print files directly from their preferred device.

They're User-Friendly

Many people struggle to learn how to use unfamiliar machines, and learning how to use three or four different pieces of technology can be a huge challenge. With a multifunction printer, users will only need to learn one interface rather than multiple different ones. They usually have touchscreens and easy navigation to make learning how to use them easy and memorable.

They Save Time and Money

A highly-rated commercial printer can save your office time and money. Not only do they minimize the electricity bills, but they also allow you to spend less money on consumables over time. Multifunction printers make it easier to digitize your files and turn them into PDFs, which in some cases means that you won't need to print all parts of a document.

More importantly, however, the control over your print environment increases. You know exactly how much you're printing and when you need to change the ink cartridges and paper. This helps you to understand rather than underestimate how many resources you're using. Minimizing waste will therefore always be at the forefront of your mind.

Space Conservation Is a Priority

Having a plethora of unnecessary machines scattered around your home or office is a huge waste of space. Getting an all-in-one machine means that you can cut the amount of space that your printers and copiers are taking up to under half of what it once was.

You also won't use up space with cords that connect these machines to each other or to computers, They now can access files from them via the network, after all, so there's no reason to have cords and wires all over the office that can present a safety hazard.

You can use the space that you conserve to create more room for employees to meet and collaborate. If your multifunction printer is meant for a home rather than a commercial office, you'll have more room to store and organize the files that you print.

Maintenance is Made Easy

It's difficult to keep track of when multiple different machines are due for maintenance. If one of them malfunctions, it can also be a challenge to identify which it is. After all, you will have multiple machines connected to each other, and figuring out where the error has occurred will take time that could be spent doing other things.

All-in-one machines make maintenance easy because you will always know when you need professional maintenance to be performed on it. You won't need to keep track of a detailed and involved schedule. Repairs will always be on the same machine, so there's no need to determine at which point your problem arose.

Easier maintenance also means fewer maintenance costs. If you were to have multiple machines, you would need to pay for routine maintenance to be conducted on all of them. However, a multifunction printer only requires one payment at a time. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Purchase a Office Printer Scanner Today

Now that you know the benefits of an all-in-one copier printer scanner, it's time to get started. Browse our products to find a sharp multifunction printer and copier for your home or office. Whether you want black and white or color copying, you can select a printer that's fast and functional.

Our experts are also happy to help you decide which is the best option for your individual needs, so don't hesitate to reach out with any remaining questions that you may have.


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